The Reach for the Stars classroom protocol consists of a maximum of 5 students per classroom. It has been a goal of RFTS to maintain small class and group sizes to insure the highest level of individualized instruction and programming quality for our students. Instruction is at a 1:1 teacher-to-student ratio. In addition to experienced ABA instructors, each class contains and is led by a credentialed Head Teacher. There are generally 6-7 staff members in every classroom for every 5 students. The classroom instructors and Head Teachers are in turn supervised by our Department Supervisors and Educational Directors.

Consistent with our integrated model, there is a Speech and Language Pathologist (SLP) in each classroom insuring a language-rich environment across all daily activities. This model allows the SLPs to have daily individual speech sessions with every student, along with facilitating language development naturally and within context during all activities. The SLPs run daily or weekly language groups as well. Students may utilize Augmentative and Alternative Communication Devices that are used as a form of communication. These devices are maintained and supervised by the SLPs on a daily basis to ensure that they are programmed and utilized effectively. The SLPs participate in all community outings to help generalize learned communication skills to community environments. In addition to the ABA instructors, head teacher and SLPs, there is an Occupational Therapist assigned to every classroom to work individually with students, lead movement and exercise groups within the class, supervise each child's sensory diet, improve gross and fine motor skills, and collaborate with classroom staff to enhance each student's ability to learn within the classroom. The classroom schedules are extremely detailed and well organized to best suit each particular learner.