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Programs we use Include:

Learn, Play, and Engage

Reach for the Stars offers a rich and evidence based Academic Program for our students. RFTS recognizes that each child may be a different style learner, thus each student's program is tailored to suit their individual strengths and needs.

At Reach for the Stars, we use verbal behavior to teach communication and language. This method teaches our students how to connect words with their purposes.

The Occupational Therapy department at Reach for the Stars Learning Center highly focuses on interventions that promote wellness, independence, and improved quality of life.

At Reach for the Stars, community skills are incorporated to generalize what is taught during therapy sessions to real life settings, or another environment.  

Play and Leisure skills are those skills, interests, and hobbies that serve the function of unwinding, relaxation, and socialization, or simple enjoyment. 

When children transition to our Upper-School program we begin to identify strengths in independent tasks and vocational interests. 

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